Spare parts

We produce over 3000 types of spare parts.
Rolling stock spare parts

In cooperation with the company subsidiaries and reliable partners, Skinest Rail manufactures, supplies and sells spare parts for all types of rolling stock.
Skinest Rail offers you efficient high-quality solutions related to the procurement and installation of required spare parts: a wide range of parts located in the company's warehouses, current contracts with large manufacturing plants and our own manufacturing facilities allow supplying the spare parts required within a short period of time.

Our range of spare parts for railway rolling stock used

  • To repair diesel engines, bogies as well as electrical and accessory equipment of traction rolling stock:
    • 2TE10, M26, TEP70, 2TE116, BR232, and 2M62 main-line diesel locomotives
    • TEM2, ChME3, TEM18, and TGM shunting diesel locomotives
    • D1, DR1, and DR1A DMU (diesel trains)
    • ER2, and ER9 EMU (electric trains)
  • For all types of passenger rail cars
    • bogies, braking equipment
    • interior components for passenger rail cars
    • spare parts for electrical and auxiliary equipment
In Skinest Rail you will find parts train such as train engines, locomotive engines, railway engines, all wagon parts including wagon tongues and others, live steam locomotive kits and other locomotive parts, train motors, train switches, diesel train engines and many more. Contact us for more information.
  • For freight rail cars, tank rail cars, box rail cars, gondola rail cars and hopper rail cars as well as flat rail cars:
    • bogies, braking equipment
    • rail cars body parts
    • automatic coupling equipment
  • Cable products to repairs rolling stock and electrical equipment as well as construction:
    • winding wires
    • mounting wires
    • power cables
  • Industrial and railway bearings:
    • anti-friction bearings
    • plain friction bearings

Quality control of products being manufactured and our cooperation with time-proven manufacturers guarantee that high-quality products will be delivered within a short period of time.


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