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The company provides competent railway transportation and railway construction services.
The companies of the group in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Finland, Croatia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan will offer you efficient and professional solutions for rolling stock and railway infrastructure. As the largest privately owned company in the area of railway business in the Baltic States, Skinest Rail is very much centered on the customer.
The group makes sure that each of our customers receives flawless, high-quality services.


  • Sale, repairs and lease of freight stock
  • Manufacturing, supply and sale of spare parts for locomotives, railway cars and other types of rolling stock
  • Sale and lease of locomotives
  • Depot-level repairs (including those that provide service life extension) of locomotives and other railway machinery; various types of modernization
  • Maintenance and current repairs of locomotives
  • Shunting operations using our own locomotives and crews
  • Sale and lease of passenger rolling stock
  • Repairs and maintenance of passenger cars; custom interior decoration of passenger cars
  • Sale of track structure materials
  • Designing, construction, repairs and maintenance of railway tracks
  • Supply of manufacturing foundry machinery


The project “Resource efficiency investment of Valga Depoo AS” received support from the European Regional Development Fund. Valga Depoo AS is a subsidiary of Skinest Rail AS.

Short summary of the project
With the resource efficiency investment, the production of Valga Depoo AS will become more resource-efficient and as a result of the project, wagons will be repaired with lower resource use and higher resource productivity. With the new equipment, production becomes faster, larger, and more resource-efficient.

Project goal and result
The aim of the project is to achieve an improvement in resource use and increase resource productivity. As a result of the project, the company's resource costs will decrease, as it will take fewer resources to obtain a production unit than before. Upon implementation of the project result, Valga Depoo AS can offer faster repairs, which can increase the production volume, keeping fixed costs and resource costs lower.

A link to the public tender can be found here.



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