Hydro stations

Skinest Hydro AS is a power engineering company, operating in the field of hydro engineering, and it belongs to the Skinest Group.

Hydroelectricity is energy made of moving water. Hydroelectric generators and the movements of turbines produce all the energy which then becomes electricity.

Skinest Hydro is a holding company, whose subsidiary companies operate in Georgia.

The main sites of investment were the 6.6 MW Kintrishi hydroelectric power station and the 17.5 MW Lakhami hydroelectric power plant.

Kintrishi HPP
The planned average net output of the Kintrishi hydroelectric power plant is nearly 40 GWh per year.

Lakhami HPP
The installed capacity of the Lakhami hydroelectric power plant is 17.5 MW, and the expected annual average net output is nearly 80 GWh per year.