Passenger wagons: sale, lease and repairs

Skinest Rail and Skinest Reisiveod perform the full range of works related to design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the interior finishing and decoration of passenger rail cars (passenger wagons).

Services of Skinest Rail and Skinest Reisiveod:

Leasing services:

  • Various models of passenger rail cars
  • EMU Electric trains
  • DMU Diesel trains
  • Mail coaches

Interior decoration of passenger rail cars (passenger train cars) for sale (we are talking not only about standard, electric, luxury or modern passenger trains cars, but about many more variants):

  • Development of interior design project for passenger rail cars as well as EMU electric trains and DMU diesel trains
  • Manufacturing of finishing materials on the basis of the interior design project
  • Installation of finishing materials

Repair, renovation and modernization of passenger rolling stock:

  • Overhauls of the connectors and equipment of passenger railway rolling stock for the purpose to extend its service life
  • Corrosion removal from old car bodies
  • Welding, puttying and painting
  • Replacement of rail car interior

Skinest Rail provides all range of services that can help to fix railway passenger trains including railroad passenger trains, electric passenger trains and luxury passenger trains. If you are looking for passenger wagons or passenger train locomotives - Skinest Rail provides all services related with it. If you have any questions about passenger trains product line - please contact us for more information.


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