Wind Power

Skinest Energia AS is a Renewable Energy producer and developer focused on Wind Power.

Today several environmentally friendly projects are being developed. One of these projects has reached its implementation phase: the project of wind energy power plant in the Hanila rural municipality of the Läänemaa County. The projected installed output power of the Rõuste wind park is 25.5 MW. Total investment of nearly 37 million euros, and yearly energy production is expected to be 61 000 MWh.

The first stage of the Rõuste Wind Park has been implemented by the beginning of 2017 year. The first time when wind was converted into electrical energy from the Rõuste Wind Park, it was exerted into the Estonian electricity system on October the 1st 2008.

As the Global demand for Energy is growing and the impact of the traditional power sector to the climate change is undoubtable, the only viable way is to look in the direction of alternative energy. The Estonian geolocation is the best suited for Wind Energy deployment due to the relatively long coastline in terms of coastline to overall area ratio.

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